Projects > Gravity's Delta

Gravity is a constant. Its influence is universal. This body of work explores Gravity’s ability to govern the behavior of materials in general, and form triangles specifically.

Delta is a Greek character and symbol in mathematics shown as a triangle. It represents a Difference or Discriminant. Informally it means Change.

I don’t fully understand my attraction to triangles, though they are a reprieve from the ubiquity of rectangles. The equilateral is of particular interest, somehow seeming more symbol than shape, it conveys authority and autonomy - two qualities I seek in my work.

falling tree
rope and juniper
62 x 72 inches
antique levels
21 x 24 inches
square root
graphite and charcoal on paper
42 x 49 inches
perimeter drawing
charcoal on paper
42 x 49 inches
point A, B and C
archival ink jet print
20 x 25 inches
three eyed ghost
needles and thread
9.75 x 11 inches
untitled (corner shadow)
antique level
26 x 28 inches